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“THAT LOVE/CRAZY” Newly Released


Keenen has had many musical influences such as Fred Hammond, James Fortune, Kirk Franklin,
Donnie McClurklin, Marvin Sapp, Kurt Carr, Deitrick Haddon, Kim Burrell, Marvin Winans and many more.

Keenen’s sole purpose for his ministry is to reach people who are not typically reached by the typical ways of traditional gospel. With an understanding that he was once a part of the world and still suffers trials and tribulations within his flesh, but through the blood of Jesus he has been redeemed, restored and renewed. He has gained prosperity within his faith that no matter the circumstance, God will see him through. Keenen is a firm believer that faith is the substance of what’s hoped for and the evidence of things unseen and through his gift of ministry, his goal is to preach the word of the gospel through his music with a radical and unique sound that will reach into the valley and draw those who don’t have a relationship with Christ into the kingdom.
“For God I live For God I Die”


interpret musical compositions and apply their voice and style to create a song.

Song Writer

an individual who writes the lyrics, melodies and chord progressions for musical compositions.

Vocal Coach

one who instructs singers on how to improve their technique, take care of and develop their voice.


“MerC 24/7 is like the first time seeing a movie in 3D”

— Brooklyn Journal —



Merc 24/7


That Love(MerC 24/7)

Baby Boy(MerC 24/7)




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